We recognize that people needing support are more likely to fulfill their life if they have well-trained, experienced, and motivated people at their side in long-term, stable, compatible support relationships. As such, we aim to: 

  • Adopt TxADSP Guiding and Ethical Principles as standards across Texas

  • Affiliate with other providers and professional organizations (AAIDD-TX)

  • Ensure that DSP feel valued and respected in their organizations with career paths and less turnover.

  • Ensure that DSP broaden their roles in organization on diverse projects.  

  • Ensure that DSP use their leadership skills by presenting at conferences and training others.


TxADSP mission is to promote the development of a highly competent human services workforce which supports individuals in achieving their life goals. We have organized our Alliance to develop strategies to address each of the following goals:

  • Enhance the status of Direct Support Professionals (DSP) within their organization and industry

  • Provide better access for DSPs to high quality education and training  experiences

  • Strengthening the working relationships and partnerships between DSPs and other Human Service professionals.

  • Promote organizational systems that make DSPs a valuable and contributing team member, and provide incentives for improved competencies leading to improved compensation and career pathways.

  • Support the development and recognition of a state volunteer credentialing process for DSPs.

Who We Are

The Texas Alliance of Direct Support Professionals (TxADSP) is a group of individuals and organizations committed to improving the quality of direct support services by strengthening the direct support workforce. TXADSP was established by the Seaton Foundation; a nonprofit organization that has been providing education and training on concepts that promote a more dignified, holistic, and empowering approach to supporting individuals with cognitive disabilities in Texas since 1984.